Oproep International Society of Audiology (ISA): call voor nominations

Dear ISA Affiliate Society,

The election of new members of the ISA Executive Committee will occur at the upcoming World Congress of Audiology in Warsaw.  The Nominations Committee would like to invite you to nominate someone for the position of Representative of the Affiliated Societies of ISA.

It is important to have in mind that the candidate should be an active ISA member, be prepared to communicate other affiliated societies representatives, engage with the different societies and enhance global Audiology in the context of ISA´s vision and mission. The current representative is Dr Thais Morata from the USA, who has served in the position for 2 terms (4 years) which is the maximum allowable term.   We are very grateful to Dr Morata for the outstanding work she has undertaken in this position.

Click here to download the nominations form

Please e-mail nominations to the ISA Community Manager George Dempster gd@e2.co.za by the 15th March 2022.
Upon receipt of any nomination, the Nominations Committee will then verify the eligibility of the nominee.
A list of approved nominees, their short bios and CVs will be sent to all members by the 30th March 2022.

Election will occur during the General Assembly meeting of the upcoming World Congress of Audiology on Tuesday 12th April 2022. For those members unable to attend the Congress there will be an opportunity to vote for candidates prior to the meeting.

I thank you for your contribution to the nomination process of ISA!

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